3 Fence Features To Keep Your Canine Companion Safe

If you've recently welcomed a new dog into your home and that dog has proven himself to be some sort of Houdini, it's time to contact a residential fencing company for a quote. Here, you'll find a short list of things to consider including in the design of the fence that will enclose your dog's play area.

Fence Height

The height of the fence can be determined by the size or jumping ability of your dog. If you choose a 4-foot fence and you have a large-breed dog that can jump 5-feet in the air, the fence will pretty much be worthless. If you have a small-breed dog, you may be able to get away with a 4-foot fence as long as the dog isn't a skilled jumper and that you're sure that there aren't any items that he can use to climb on to get the height he needs to clear the fencing. If you're unsure, the taller fence is probably the safest option—it's better to have a fence that is too tall, rather than one that's too short.

Digging Capabilities

Just like jumping, some breeds are very good at digging, and they can't be stopped. If your dog likes to dig, you will need to include anti-dig bars in the design of your fence. These dig bars will not be seen once the fencing is installed. Generally, the bars are buried roughly 6 inches inside the property line from the base of the fence. When your dog digs, he'll hit the bar and won't be able to dig any further—this eliminates the chances of your dog digging a tunnel out of the yard and escaping without you knowing.

Locking Gates

When dogs are left unattended outside, they can become a target for thieves. Some people target dogs that are left unattended, and as soon as they see the opportunity, they snatch the dog. The dog is then either sold, bred, or used as bait in dog fighting rings.

When you choose the gate, make sure that it's one that locks. You can choose a lock that requires a key to open, or install it low enough on the inside of the gate that it can't be reached from the other side.

These three features must be carefully considered if you want the fence to be truly effective in keeping your canine companion safe. Hopefully, your residential fencing company will help you finish the installation and your dog has a safe place to run freely.