Three Tips For Stronger Posts

Any fence is only going to be as strong and reliable as its posts are. That is, if your friends posts are not solid and properly installed, your entire fence might end up being more flimsy. So, when it comes to installing a new fence on your property, you need to spend the most time on the posts.

Modular Designs

This is particularly true when you consider that most modern fences are mostly modular. That is, the majority of the fence pieces are attached to each other through interlocking notches and slots. Putting together the slats and rails is more like putting together a Lego set. The piece is pretty much snap together. So, the installation of your fence post is definitely going to end up being the most time consuming and difficult part of pretty much any build.

If you are setting your fence post into soil, you'll appreciate these three special tips for stronger, more durable, and longer lasting fence post.

Mix the Concrete in the Hole

The first helpful tip is to make sure that you pour and mix your concrete directly in the hole. That is, you do not want to mix the concrete and water together beforehand. When you actually mix them together inside the hole, the concrete solution forms a stronger bond with the soil around it. All you to do is pour the pre-measured amounts of water and concrete together into the hole at the same time. Then, use your mixing stick to stir them up and form the concrete as the post is being set.

Sink the Footing

Another helpful tip is to make sure that you pour your concrete footings several inches lower than the top of the soil. That is, you want to be able to cover your concrete with grass or soil to hide the footings. You only want the actual post to be visible.

Install Longer Posts

Another helpful tip is to buy your posts longer then you actually need them to be. If you don't, it will be much harder when it comes to measuring the depth of your hole. That is, if you dig your hole too deep, that post will end up being too short. But, if you leave a couple extra feet, you can set the post and then cut off all of the tops to make sure they are completely level and in-line with each other once the concrete footing has dried. Contact a service, like Askatu Construction, for more help.