The Process Of Installing A New Fence And How Long It May Take

If you're getting a new dog, you probably want a fence put in as soon as possible. However, fence installation is a multi-step process so you may have to wait a few weeks for your fence, especially during the busy season. However, once work starts, the fence usually goes up in just a couple of days depending on the size of your lot. Here is a look at the process of getting ready for your fence installation.

Getting A Permit And Land Survey

If there is no existing fence on your property, you'll have to start from scratch when it comes to locating your property boundary and obtaining a permit. First, if you live in an HOA community, see if there are rules about the fence material you can use. There will probably be fencing regulations and you'll need to comply with them. The fencing company is familiar with city codes and regulations but not individual HOA rules.

In addition to talking with your HOA board, discuss your plans to install the new fence with your neighbors. It's better to head off problems before the fence is installed than get into a dispute later.

Ask the fence company if they will pull a permit or if you need to do it. Your city codes office may delay the fence installation process if it takes a few weeks to get your permit. The fence company may also arrange to have a utility locating company come to your property. If not, you'll need to have this done before digging can be done on your land. You'll probably need to have your lot surveyed as well so you know for sure where your property boundary is. It may take several days to a few weeks to get everything in order before work on the fence can get under way.

Ordering Materials And Scheduling The Date

The first thing the fencing company does when you're having a new fence installed is to measure your lot to give you an accurate estimate of the cost. You'll show the estimator where you want the fence placed and choose the type of fence material you want and the style of fencing. You'll then receive an estimate that you need to approve. Once that's done, the contract is drawn up and you may need to put down a deposit for supplies.

Supplies are ordered for your fence and a date is scheduled for the installation. Depending on the schedule of the fence company, the installation could take place in a few days or a few weeks.

Installing The Posts And Fence

When the fence is ready to install, the posts go in first. The holes are dug and the posts are set in concrete to cure. This process usually goes fast, but if your lot has compacted soil or is rocky, it will take longer to dig the holes. The fence company will probably let the posts cure at least one day, but it could be longer. The final step is to build the fence. Once work starts on adding the fence and gate to your property, it goes fast. Your fence could be completed in a single day. However, things like storms or other unexpected events could cause a delay.

Although the process of deciding to install a fence and having it completed can take a few weeks, it's important to do the job right and have everything in order so you don't have to move the fence or appear in court due to problems with your HOA, the city, or your neighbor. Contact a company like Holman Fence LLC to start planning your fencing project.