The Most Popular Types Of Livestock Fencing For Horses

When fencing horses into an area, there are two primary considerations: safety and cost. The safer a fence is, the better; horses can be easily spooked and could potentially hurt themselves on a poorly built fence. But because these fences are generally used over very large spans of land, they also need to be affordable. Here are some of the most popular options.

HTP Rail and Line

HTP is a combination of metal and polymer that creates a sturdy, long-lasting fence. HTP rail has a series of thick rails between each post, whereas HTP line has a thin steel wire between posts. Though it's more expensive than other options, it's also more attractive. HTP rail fencing is both the more expensive and more visible option, which is very unlikely to injure an animal. HTP line fencing could potentially cause injuries because it is less visible, though there are adjustments that can be made to fix this. HTP fencing is durable and easy to maintain, though it may need occasional repairs.

Wooden Rail Fencing

The traditional type of horse fencing, wooden rail balances cost with appearance. Wooden rail fencing is more attractive than bare wire fencing and can be finished, stained, or painted as desired. It is constructed with thick wooden posts and thick wooden rails which span between posts. It is strong, lasts a long time, and is not likely to injure an animal due to its high visibility. However, it does need to be treated and maintained so that it doesn't succumb to rot or to termites.

Bare Wire Fencing

For bare wire fencing wire is run directly between wooden posts. This is the most affordable option and for most livestock it can be quite sufficient. Bare wire fencing can be built up high to dissuade horses or kept low for smaller farm animals. Because it is wire, it generally cannot be climbed over. The problem with bare wire fencing is that it is difficult to see, especially when a horse is moving quickly. Horses may run directly into bare wire fencing, which could hurt them.

Polymer Line Fencing

An alternative to bare wire fencing is polymer line fencing. This is constructed just like bare wire fencing except it's mostly used to psychologically discourage animals. If an animal runs right through it, the line will release. That prevents any injury to the horse, but it also means that horses can break out if they so desire.

Most horse owners are going to find a wooden fence the best value for their money. However, if large spans of land need to be covered, a polymer line fence may be more feasible. A fence company can give more information about the best types of fence and their cost.