3 Tips for Setting Up Electric Fences That Protect Your Farmland Against Unauthorized Access

To protect their produce from getting stolen or damaged, farmers absolutely have to erect several layers of security measures designed to keep intruders out. Considering the fact that the average size of a farmland reaches approximately 434 acres, preventing unauthorized access can be difficult. It's almost impossible to monitor the entire farmland at all times, and that is why most experienced farmers recommend installing some type of fencing. While there are many options that you can choose from, electric fences are particularly good deterrents, as they give any intruders that try to break in a good jolt. An effective electric fence should maintain at least 3,000 volts to ensure that the electricity gets through the skin and reaches the nerves. Here are three tips to keep in mind when getting professional fence contractors to set up electric fences on your property.

Have Boldly Colored Wires with Signs Attached That Define the Boundaries of Your Property

The threat of getting shocked is generally more than enough to keep intruders away. You want to alert anyone passing by of the presence of the electric fencing by choosing boldly colored wires that simply can't be missed. Bright colors tend to stand out and attract attention. Bright colors also generally encourage wildlife to stay away. When setting up the electric fences, have "no-trespassing" signs and signs asking those passing by to stay away attached to the fencing. Metal signs are generally the best option, as they conduct electricity and will not interfere with the electric fence's capabilities or performance.

Set Up Alarm Systems that Get Triggered When Two Wires Touch

It's not uncommon for intruders to attempt to get over the fences by covering electric wires with rubber mats or even blankets. To prevent intruders from bypassing your system, make sure that there are alarm systems installed with the electric fences. These alarm systems basically rely on compression springs that are affixed to individual strands of electric wire. These compression springs allow for some slack; however, when enough pressure is applied onto the springs, they cause the wires to come into contact with one another. This triggers a relatively loud alarm system. The alarm system will also send out an alert to authorities and to you so that you know exactly where the intrusion is happening.

Avoid Flat or Roundbar Brackets

Ensure that the electric fences that you install do not have a weak design that will allow intruders to easily bend the fencing down and climb over without getting detected. Electric fences with flat or roundbar brackets are particularly weak. The brackets do not hold up to pressure well and can be easily bent even without any special equipment and tools. You want to choose electric fences with horizontal bits and brackets instead whenever possible. These brackets tend to be a bit more difficult and time consuming to install. They might also need several environmental conditions to be met before they can be installed.


The right type and design of electric fence will be a worthwhile investment to install. The fencing will not only withstand weather and environmental conditions well but also do wonders in keeping out intruders and criminals in an attempt to keep your farmland safe. You won't have to worry about the possibility of theft or property damage. Electric fences can also keep wildlife that would love to munch down on the produces you grow off of your property. To ensure that the electric fences continue to function properly, you'll have to inspect them from time to time to verify whether any of the wires have begun to come apart.

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