4 Pool Fence Features Ideal for Keeping Small Pets Out of Your Pool

The wide open pool on your property may be an attractant to family pets like dogs and cats. Even if they do not want to go for a swim, just walking near the edge of the pool can present a danger if the animal falls in. One of the easiest ways to add extra safety to your home's pool area is with a pool fence. A pool fence provides a full barrier around your swimming area to keep your pets away from the water while allowing you to let them outside without worry or concern. As you shop around for various pool fences, there are four features to be aware of that can help keep small pets away from the water. These features can all be integrated into a complete fencing system for your home and use year round.

1. Mesh Fence Design

Small pets like cats or tiny breed dogs can seemingly squeeze through anything. Instead of a fence with pickets and spaces to fit through, you can select a mesh fence design. The mesh covers the entire area between fence poles and prevents your pet from just climbing through. Mesh material used on fences is often strong, durable, and flexible. For example, if your pet leans up against the fence with their claws, it will not tear or rip down. A fencing company can provide you with an estimated load amount that a fence can handle. This amount is often more than enough to handle any weight or pressure from a small animal. 

2. Fence Bases

Along with climbing through or over the fence, small animals can easily look for ways into a pool area by going underneath a fence. Flexible cats or burrowing dogs like a miniature dachshund can easily slide under small openings. Help prevent these animals from getting through by having fences installed with bases on them. These bases are typically made of a thick plastic that is similar to the base of a portable basketball hoop. The bases are filled with water and sand, and not only do they block off the bottom of the fence, but they help provide stability for the whole design. The bases of each fence can connect to each other and create a design that prevents the fences from getting tipped over. The use of the fence base also allows you to install a pool fence without drilling any holes or making changes to your patio design.

3. Self-Closing Gates

Even if a pool gate is just left open a little bit, a small pet can find its way inside. Help prevent these mistakes from happening by installing a self-closing gate panel on your fence. These gates are spring loaded and will automatically shut as soon as they are opened. This prevents your pets from darting into the pool area or taking advantage of the open gate. The pets cannot push or pull the gate open if the fence gate closes and latches automatically. The fence latch can close into place and cannot be opened unless a person lifts up on the latch. 

4. Angled Panels

Landscaping is different for various backyards, leaving strange angles or possible openings for pets to explore. Cut off all of these options by installing angled panels on the edges of the pool fence. The angled panels are specially designed to fit over landscaping, garden walls and various pitches on your property. The fences can be cut and trimmed to eliminate any gaps and provide a pure boundary for your pool area.

When contacting a fencing company, it's a good idea to discuss your small pets. This will help a representative choose products and designs that can fit with your home and lifestyle.