Make Your Chain Link Fence Into Something Special

In some ways, chain link fences get a bad wrap. While they are a good security measure, they do little to make your home more attractive, and do not provide as much privacy as wood fences do. However, that reputation is not entirely deserved. There are several measures you can take to create a chain link fence that you can be proud of.

Paint It

The simplest way to improve the look of chain link is to add a layer of paint. This can stave off rust, as well as offer the obvious benefit of changing the color to better match the rest of your landscaping.

Clean the fence thoroughly in order to prevent any dirt or grime from getting under the paint. A hose will probably be enough, but older fences might require a steel brush or pressure washer to get off old rust or paint. Use a long nap roller to get as much coverage as possible with minimal effort. A piece of cardboard will help keep you from painting the plants around the fence. Once you have a solid layer of paint on one side, switch to a brush on the other side and just grab any spots the roller missed.

Make It Into A Trellis

There are plenty of plants that like to climb and tangle themselves on anything they can reach. While this can damage the siding of your home, this is a great way to cover a chain link fence. Talk to your local garden supply store to find out what types of plants will thrive in your area. It might take a few years to get the type of coverage you want, but there are few options that will make your fence more attractive than a thick covering of vegetation.

If you are concerned about the plants damaging the fence over time, you can instead attach trellises to the fence and grow the plants on them. While this method is slightly better for the fence, you will need to take time once or twice a year to remove and branches that have transferred from the trellis to the fence. This is also a good choice if you would like plants only on one side, or different plants on each side. It gives you a way to physically separate the plants and thus exercise more control over where they grow.

Weave Something Into It

Another common way to improve the look and privacy of a chain link fence is to weave strips of plastic or vinyl into the links. Simple products allow you to simply change the color, but if you are ambitious enough, you can create any design you desire with these strips. Simply decide what sort of pattern you would like, and you are ready to start weaving. While a single-color or striped design will be simple to work, a more complicated design will involve quite a bit of planning. You want to estimate, as best you can, how much of each color you need, and purchase enough clips to deal with the additional ends you will be creating.

If you are feeling extra creative, you can use recycled or natural materials to decorate your fence. Bamboo strips can be worked through the links, or you can work painted bottles or cans into the spaces between the links. If you look at the fence as a canvas, there really is no limit to what you can do with it.

Just as with many things in life, a little creativity can go a long way. By adding the right pieces to the equation, you can make your chain link fence more attractive and give yourself additional privacy. Suddenly, chain link fencing becomes a much more attractive option for protecting your home and yard.

For more information about fencing options for your yard, go to websites of local fencing companies.